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Life on Life Project is about bringing holistic transformation in children’s lives, which is at the heart of all children’s ministry.

Spiritual Formation

Children are transformed as they learn what it means to love and follow Jesus as a child of the heavenly Father through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Character Development

Children are encouraged to develop character qualities in response to a right relationship with God so that change is internally motivated.

Life Skills

Children learn valuable life skills that help them grow as healthy members of the family of God and society, while preparing them for life as adults.

 Life on Life Project Locations

Current projects

Life on Life is currently being used in 29 countries and 7 languages.

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Life on Life is looking to expand into more countries.

“Life on Life is a good curriculum as it’s focused on the total development of the child for now and the future.”

PrashantiCalvin Methodist Church, Hyderabad India

"I love this curriculum! It’s holistic, covering key biblical principles while developing social, physical, emotional, and educational aspects that children need to know. Our children are being discipled through this resource and I’m excited to see where it leads in them in the years to come!"

TeacherChildren of the Nations, Dominican Republic

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