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Share Your Story

Share your stories of inspiration and transformation with the Life on Life community! Spiritual formation, character building, and life skills take time to grow. We all need encouragement as we wait for those seeds to sprout from what was planted in our students, teachers, and families along the way. We want to celebrate all the ways God is working.

Here are some examples:

  • A student who is sharing what he has learned through Life on Life with his friends.
  • A student who has gone from bullying other kids to helping them.
  • A young girl who goes home and tells her parents how Jesus came into the world to save us all.
  • A teacher who found strength and a new sense of freedom while preparing for a lesson on forgiveness.
  • A whole classroom of students who go from unruly and out of control, to respectful, thankful and prayerful.

Whatever impact Life on Life is having—big or small—we want to hear about it and share it with others to be inspired too.

Your stories can encourage other Life on Life users around the world.

Please complete the following information with as much detail as possible:

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