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Life on Life for Smaller Partners

The Life on Life team works with partners of all sizes. Our biggest partners serve more than 3 million children each year, while our smallest partners might serve 100 children. For the larger partners, David C Cook works with them to co-create unique versions of Life on Life to fit the children of their region.

For small partners reaching fewer than 5,000 children yearly, David C Cook makes an off-the-shelf version available for free.

These standardized versions contain all of the same lessons, and are available in English (contextualized for Africa) and Spanish (contextualized for Latin America). The Teacher’s Guide and Student Pages for Primary Year 1 are available for free after signing a permission letter for use.

If your organization serves fewer than 5,000 children each year and would like to use Life on Life as part of its discipleship program, please fill out the form linked below, and we will be in touch with you soon.

Thank you for your interest in Life on Life.

Small Partner Agreement Form (click here)

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