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Welcome to Life on Life Training – Level 1

How to Use this Children’s Discipleship Curriculum

  • Each training session listed below includes a video and notes to guide you through each session. Some sessions include more than one video.
  • There is a link to each session in the list below.
  • At the top of each training session, there is a PDF version of the session notes. You may want to download and print the notes or use them in whatever way is most helpful for you and your team.
  • It is also recommended that you go through this training with at least one other person (a small group of people is even better), to discuss the material and think about ways you will use these ideas and this curriculum in your classrooms.

Training Sessions (click on the session title below)

Session 1
God's Heart for Children
Session 2
Spiritual Formation
Session 3
Sharing the Gospel
Session 4-A
Engaged Teaching
Session 4-B
Child-Centered Teaching
Session 4-C
Relational Teaching
Session 4-D
Focused Teaching
Session 4-E
Applied Learning
Session 5
Good Curriculum
Session 6
Life on Life Curriculum
Session 7-A
Defining Vulnerable or At-Risk Children
Session 7-B
Teaching Vulnerable or At-Risk Children
Session 8
Who Is David C Cook?
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