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While I know my opinion may not be widely shared, I love teens!

While I know my opinion may not be widely shared, I love teens! As the mom of 4 amazing teens and young adults, I treasure the time spent with the teens I love. My heart breaks for them when they are hurting and celebrates with them in their joy. They are a precious gift from God, and I could not be more grateful for the opportunity to love them and guide them.

This is also true of the teens served by Life on Life. As the primary editor of the Young Teen curriculum, I have cried, prayed, and struggled over many lessons, especially those on difficult topics—and I have grown in knowledge and faith as a result. While I have never had the privilege of meeting most of the teens who will use these lessons, I pray for them. They hold a very special place in my heart, and it is a blessing to share God’s love with them.

As I finish the remaining details of the final Life on Life Young Teen lessons, I would like to share some of the things I have learned in the process—about life, about teens, and about God.

When God gives us work to do, He equips us for that work.

As a former teacher and freelance writer, I have written a lot of lesson plans and curriculum. But Life on Life is different. Life on Life Young Teen digs deeper—into the Bible, into difficult topics, and into the needs of vulnerable and at–risk young people. I knew from the very first lesson that my own understanding would be far from enough. But as I edited and wrote lessons on topics that pushed the boundaries of my own understanding, God gave His wisdom. And when I wrote words that I hoped would bring comfort to teens who were hurting in ways I could not begin to know, God’s love for them came pouring out. This has taught me that no matter what the task God calls us to do, if we trust in Him instead of in our own abilities, He always provides more than we could ever ask.

God has a heart for teens—and so does the Life on Life staff.

teens sitting together laughing and readingTeens are awesome! We see their potential, we know their value, and we treasure each and every one of them. Life on Life Young Teen is a celebration of teens all over the world. It addresses their developmental needs in ways that help them to grow in character, in ability, and in faith. It encourages them with the knowledge that they are beloved by the One who created them. Most importantly, it teaches them what it means to live as committed disciples of Christ. We are excited to see the amazing work God will do in their lives!

God’s love is greater than we can imagine!

Through all my prayers and tears for the teens served by Life on Life, one message has always been clear: God is there. Just as He has stood beside me in my work and in my life, He will walk with them—wherever they are and whatever they are going through. His heart breaks when they are hurting, and He celebrates with them in their times of joy. God loves His children even more than I love my own. He is love—and His heart is the heart of Life on Life Young Teen.

Lisa Brock

Author Lisa Brock

Lisa Brock is an editor with David C Cook Global Initiatives. She feels incredibly blessed to help share God's love with children all over the world.

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