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Life on Life Project is about bringing holistic transformation in children's lives, which is at the heart of all children's ministry.

Life on Life Project is about bringing holistic transformation in children’s lives, which is at the heart of all children’s ministry.

While every children’s ministry teacher longs to see children grow in their faith, we often struggle to integrate Sunday school lessons with everyday life. We wonder how to deal with the sensitive issues, such as family disintegration, abuse, and grief, that affect the children we teach.

Life on Life curriculum teaches holistically so that children are rooted in faith and develop the skills and character qualities they need to empower them to become healthy Christian adults. Life on Life is appropriate for all children, including those considered vulnerable and at-risk. Life on Life discipleship brings about holistic life transformation through three types of lessons:

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Character Development
  • Life Skills

In Life on Life Project, we know that in order for life transformation to happen, it must begin with us, the leaders. So every lesson has a teacher devotion to help us grow in our own faith. Also included are Resource Articles written by experts to help us navigate sensitive topics, such as:

  • Meeting the Needs of Cross-Cultural Kids
  • Supporting Sexually Abused Children and Teens 
  • Trauma and Development 
  • Helping Children and Teens to Grieve
  • and many others

The History of Life on Life

Life on Life was developed by David C Cook in 2010 in response to requests from pastors in India for materials for vulnerable and at-risk children. In 2011, the Church of Uganda (COU) requested Sunday school materials from David C Cook, so the curriculum was revised in partnership with editors from the Ugandan church. Today, the curriculum is being used around the world in more than 25 countries and 12 languages to transform the lives of more than 13 million children. Each version of the curriculum has been co-created with ministry partners in the country where it is used.

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Partnering with David C Cook

David C Cook seeks partnerships with like-minded churches, denominations, and organizations who desire to see life transformation in the children they minister to through co-creation of the Life on Life curriculum. Partnerships are initiated through licensing agreements, with the goal of reaching self-sustainment within the first three years.

Kerry Krycho

Author Kerry Krycho

Kerry works as the Global Product Development Manager at David C Cook, overseeing Life on Life product development for partners around the globe. She loves seeing children light up when they realize how much Jesus loves them.

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